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This is a Coop Checkpoint map with 7 checkpoints.  The map is a balance of close quarter combat as well as some long distance battles.

 Op Order follows:

BACKGROUND:  Due to closure of Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, large numbers of AlQaeda operatives have been moved to East Lee S. Capable Maximum Security Prison.  Prison Staff was quite capable of securing transferred inmates but was not prepared for a military style assault from the outside.  

SITUATION:  On 061830RJAN15 East Lee S. Capable Maximum Security Prison came under attack by large numbers of well trained and equipt Al Qaeda operatives who quickly siezed control of facility.   Correction Officers have secured cellblocks 1, 3 and 4 and barricaded themselves in.  All other areas of facility have been overrun and are under control of militants attempting to facilitate the escapse of all Guantanamo transferees.

MISSION:  Systematically recapture and restore control of all areas back to civilian corectional officers without the escape of any inmates or operatives

EXECUTION:  The purpose of this mission is to regain full control of East Lee S. Capable Maximum Security Prison. The end state is the elimination of all enemy operatives NLT 071830RJAN15 and rreturn control to civilian authorities.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT:  Corrctional Officers and inmates not involved with Al Qaeda are present in facility and care must be taken to avoid friendly fire/ fratricide Deadly force may be used when-- (a) Fired upon. (b) Clear evidence of hostile intent exists  (c) Armed elements threaten human life


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