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winter_rescue_v1 winter_rescue_v1 HOT
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A NATO helecopter has gone missing in a snow storm. The search area been pinned to the mountains east of Kabul. Your team is being sent into the village of Parun to check for any possible sign of the chopper or crew. The weather has made satalite uplinks impossible so you must reach the local radio tower to find the coordinates of the distress signal. The area is expected to be very hostile.Watch for IEDs along the main roadway, they are hidden in small cardboard boxes. ***This is an early version so if you find errors please leave a comment and let me know!*** There is a little Christmas fun in the map that will be removed after the holidays-You wont have to hear jingle bells forever. Also, if you would like to have images for the map vote and background while it loads go to this link and put the VPK into your "custom" folder in the insurgency directory. I hope you enjoy the map! Has anyone seen my goat? STATS: 9 point checkpoint map Mix of urban and rural fighting areas Working mini-map Custom textures and audio- and IEDs 


Size46.57 MB
Language English
LicenseCreative Commons external
Created byKenneth W Yarus
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