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temporary construction fence temporary construction fence HOT
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***REVISED - I made the main vertical posts narrower to reflect real-world fences such as these, I added a horizontal center post as well, in line with actual construction fences, reduced the poly-count a bit and added a "red_metal_rust" texture and finally, I added a single fence unit without the pedestal or coupling, all changes are consistent with both the 160 unit and 128 unit length model - ***IMPORTANT - please ensure if you use this revision, that your first delete any previous iterations of it in your Hammer .VMF, then delete the 4 model files per model in the models/props/uberkirsche directory (construction_fence1, construction_fence2, construction_fence1_pedestal and construction_fence1_coupling and all associated files - 16 files total), then add the new pack, which will auto-place all files - materials do not need to be deleted, just the actual model files, else aberrations can occur in your map which leads to unrecoverable crashes in-game ### this is a pack of temporary metal construction fence models, seen at most construction sites. The models have 5 textures, rusty blue metal, rusty grey metal, rusty orange metal, rusty yellow metal and rusty red metal. Each fence model is complete and "interlocking" and there are also separate models of just the pedestal and the post coupling. Just drag and drop the file folder named "insurgency" into your insurgency2 folder and the model files and textures will be placed appropriately. ***author's note*** - I corrected an issue with the model .VMT from "UnlitGeneric" to the correct "VertexlitGeneric" which regards model self-shading in-world and also added a separate fence model along the 128 unit scale. This is in addition to the original 160 unit scale model. Please give me an author's credit wherever you post your maps if you use my models or prefabs in your maps. Happy mapping ~ uber


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LicenseCreative Commons external
Authoruberkirsche © ™ ®
Created byuber
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