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animated flag reskin animated flag reskin HOT
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this is a decompile / recompile of the animated flag created by the Insurgency developer team. It retains the "flapping in the wind" animation of the original. I have reworked it to include the following countries'/ provinces /organization's flags; 1) Canada 2) Quebec (la Belle Province, Canada) 3) USA 4) Afghanistan 5) Saudi Arabia 6) Russia 7) Chechnya 8) Britain 9) Ireland 10) Tunisia 11) Kurdistan 12) France 13) Germany 14) Egypt 15) Libya 16) Australia 17) European Union 18) United Nations 19) Afghan Tribal flag and also it has the default Iraqi flag   there is also a scale X 2 model, larger than the original   just open the .RAR file and drag and drop the folder named "insurgency" into your "Insurgency2" folder, all the files will be properly placed.   Many thanks to the Insurgency dev team for making a great game   please give me an author's credit if you use any of my models, textures or prefabs in your maps   P.S. - remember you can have a trigger in the outputs on a capture point that will switch the skin on the flag to the appropriate team's flag.   happy mapping ~ uber


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Authoruberkirsche © ™ ®
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