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194 Downloads in 12 Categories. Downloaded 133,819 times.

Top Downloads

1. Fortress Coop (beta 5)
downloads:  4,287
Fortress Coop (beta 5)
Coop Maps
2. Badel Coop V1 v1
downloads:  4,073
Badel Coop V1
Coop Maps
3. Dust 2 From CS:GO Final
downloads:  3,836
Dust 2 From CS:GO
PVP Maps
4. Ins_Prison_v1
downloads:  3,473
Coop Maps
5. Block Party Coop (v1.1)
downloads:  3,257
Block Party Coop (v1.1)
Coop Maps


Welcome to InsMaps !!

Insmaps is dedicated to mapping and custom maps for Insurgency 2014 standalone game

If you are a mapper, we need your maps and if you are experienced, stick around and help teach other mapping.  If you are looking to learn to map this is the place to learn.  

We use a lot of bandwidth supporting map and mod downloads, fast download servers, as well as several custom gameservers.  We appreciate your donations to help keep all this online.  Thanks



The Configurator

Configurator is a server config generator for Insurgency Dedicated servers.  Just select the variables you want for your server and it will generate a ready for server cfg file.  Just download it and add to the server.

Check it out here:  Configurator